Meet Amisse

A Story of Survival

May 2016

Children should be able to play and laugh. They should be able to go to school and come home to a loving home. The truth is that for The City Mission resident, Amisse, and countless other children like him, that is not the case. At the age of eight years old, Amisse found the strength to leave an abusive home and ended up alone and poor on the streets of Nampula, in Northern Mozambique. He survived by begging and foraging for leftovers in garbage bins.​

With nowhere else to go, Amisse was homeless until local community leaders, Moises and Connie, opened the drop-in-centre at The City Mission. Once violent and angry, Amisse developed friendships and found a sense of community within the new program at the Centre. It brought him solace and warmth and when The City Mission grew to include a boys home, Amisse was amongst the first group of boys to find a safe space there; “I found a home at the centre, it was actually better than any place I had lived before”. Amisse had his own bed with his very own mattress for the first time. He was also given the opportunity to go to school and can proudly say that, at twenty-two years old, he is finishing the ninth grade.


Amisse’s story is an amazing one of survival and strength against all odds. Without Connie, Moises, and The City Mission, Amisse would still be picking fights on the streets, wondering where his next meal would come from, and where he would sleep that night.