Meet Jabez

A Story of Resilience

March 2017

Jabez grew up in a very poor family in Northern Mozambique. He never knew his father and lived with his mother and grandmother. They were extremely poor and life at home was very difficult: Jabez was often physically abused by his mentally-ill mother. Forced to beg on the street for food, he often ended up sleeping by the marketplace for his own safety rather than going home.

When Jabez came to Casa de Bom Sonhos (Casa) at The City Mission in 2014, he was twelve years old and had a chronic ear infection that left him partially deaf in one ear. Despite the challenges that come with this impairment, Jabez is determined to study hard. He started in grade two when he came to Casa and is now in grade six.

Jabez’s mother passed away and now Casa is his home and the staff and fellow boys his family. He shows his gratitude every day and is always open to help out with anything around the house.


Last December Jabez started his apprenticeship as a motor mechanic at a garage and panel beating shop. He is doing very well and has great potential to achieve his goals. The staff at Casa say that Jabez would not be where he is without the 4 the Kids Foundation.