Meet Petty

A Story of Hope

February 2017

Some children in Mexico will never set foot in a school because their families are so poor the children must work to help them survive.

Three years ago, the Directors and Staff at Love in Action (LIA) determined it was in the best interests of the children to educate them under a Montessori model focused on healing the emotional and psychological traumas of their past at the LIA SEE Academy.


The approach promotes four important characteristics of healthy relationships through learning: the ability to give care, the ability to receive care, the ability to negotiate, and a sense of autonomy. This bilingual school is currently in its fourth year of operation. Its overwhelming success, which can be seen in the educational and emotional growth of the children, is due in large to the ongoing financial investment from the 4 the Kids  Foundation.​

Petty is the youngest of ten children and has been living at LIA since her mother was incarcerated six years ago. At eleven years old, Petty had never been to school – until she came to LIA. Staff member fondly remembers her first day of school: she set off with her backpack and a smile that lit up the sky.

Today, Petty has successfully passed all exams to graduate from Junior High School. Her English has improved so much that she is assisting the campus English teacher, working hard to fine-tune her skills. She has also been attending beauty school for the past year and will complete her courses in a few months. Petty is easily spotted on campus. Her beauty skills have led her to dye her hair in a rainbow of colors, reflecting her beautiful personality.

That same beaming girl, eager to learn on her first day of school, has developed into the well-adjusted and gifted overcomer we see today. Petty will certainly be well equipped when she leaves LIA to fit in with her peers and become an accomplished adult.

The 4 the Kids Foundation has partnered with Love in Action since 2007. Supporting Love in Action by sponsoring one-third of their monthly operating budget. There is an agency agreement that states the funds must be utilized for food and milk programs, providing potable water, as well as purchasing clothing, hygiene products, school supplies, first aid, and toys. It is our goal to ensure that all meals received at LIA are nutritious, personal hygiene is improved and other basic needs are met.